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Why Does Every Man Need One? Why should every man own a Fleshlight? Is a Fleshlight hard to keep clean? Best Fleshlight Positions.

Why Does Every Man Need One?

Why Does Every Man Need One?

Fleshlight always keep best sensational feeling in it, after the use they provide more enjoyment and satisfaction, so we can say that fleshlight best for every person who believes best feeling in a sex toy, local resident Steve Shubin invented Fleshlight in 1995. When asked as to the patent, "what is a flashlight," and his was claimed that the devices are for discretionary sperm collection, but after many years it is become best sex toy ever.

What is fleshlight in really manner?

The Fleshlight is men's sex toy. It is an artificial vagina or other body orifice made of any soft, phthalate-free Real Feel Super Skin realistically molded to simulate sexual activity with another person which is provide real feeling of vaginal sexual activity or masturbation.

The Fleshlight is designed to be a suitable toy to any man’s household. Its cover is shaped like a standard home flashlight. Inside in it, a whole new world of pleasure is revealed where lot of fun.

Fleshlight provides a realistic feeling for solo activity as well as a safe sexual experience and satisfies the need for satisfaction beyond masturbation. Regardless of its design, it can be stored in a drawer, under a sink, or in a closet as anything other than a typical household product, as you find appropriate.

The original wand provides five flashlights for five different experiences in masturbation for any men:

Fleshlight Pink Lady Original: Designed to feel like a vagina, it is most popular Fleshlight

Fleshlight Pink Lady Stamina Training Unit: Another vaginal hole type, but designed to help men for prolonged intercourse, also provide complete satisfaction

Fleshjack Endurance Jack Ass: It has an anal hole type sex replica is also used for training orgasm periods for men

Fleshlight Freaks: It has a fantasy double clitoris and blue "skin" so it is good for attractive masturbation

Fleshlight Jack's Soda Banana Cream: It has mini mouth masturbation, so it is best for oral sex

Why should every man own a Fleshlight?

Why should every man own a Fleshlight?

Fleshlight is a sex toy which is best sex toy for men according to interest so there are four reasons, why should every man has own a Fleshlight:

For Better Convenience: Masturbation can get boring sometimes but a Fleshlight provides the convenience of your hand, yet with a higher level of satisfaction.

Satisfyingly realistic feelings: The Fleshlight’s super soft materials feel like real intercourse by the user with the help of soft material.

Endurance training: Endurance is common facture of any men's for pre ejaculation but to transform a newbie into a change, stamina and performance can be improved using a Fleshlight.

Always Safe sex. With a Fleshlight on hand, you can avoid risk of STIs, unwanted pregnancy and other problems but you must use some lubricant or any type of condom when using it.

Is a Fleshlight hard to keep clean?

Is a Fleshlight hard to keep clean?

Fleshlight is more comfortable to use like any other sex toy. It is also very easy to keep it clean, some things should be kept in mind after its use.

To clean your flashlight first remove the inner sleeve from its outer cover, then run very hot water through the sleeve. It cleans all surfaces thoroughly from inside. Just rinse at the same time and clean your sex toy, using isopropyl alcohol you can try to remove more stubborn residue from your flashlight. You should never use soap on your flashlight, otherwise it may damage bad.

After your flashlight dries, you thoroughly dust it with cornstarch to protect its surfaces and keep everything soft and supple so that your flashlight looks and feels right. Any type of powder can prove dangerous to a flashlight and damage its surfaces, so only cornstarch should be used.

Best Fleshlight Positions

Best Fleshlight Positions

There are many sex positions with the fleshlight for more enjoyment and proper use of fleshlight to achieving strong masturbation and solo intercourse such as -

On your back

Go down your back and move the Fleshlight up and down the length of your penis with full of fun. You can try teasing of your penis with the opening before full length of your shaft of penis.

On your front

Take Fleshlight under a pillow and use your hands of weight of your upper body as your thrust and feel erotic with the sex toy.

With a shoe

You can also Fleshlight into a shoe, on a flat surface, and then use as you would with a partner in the missionary position for better experience.


Placed your Fleshlight between mattress and pillow of your bed then penetrate on your knees in a hands free style for more enjoyment and satisfaction.

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