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What is lubricant and all types of lubricant? Precautions while using lubricant?

What is lubricant?

What is lubricant?

Lubricant are basically two types, first one is sex lubricant which is specially used during the sex with your partner and or during masturbation with the masturbator sex toys. Another one is used for transportation purpose to reduce the friction. Sex lubricants are made to reduce the friction during the intercourse and musturbation and make masturbation painless and enjoyable. Comfortable vaginal and anus intercourse requires vaginal or anal lubrication. Some women are not able to reduce the enough lubricant then, especially in menopause age and after the menopause age, so that it may cause painful intercourse. Ladies can feel the vaginal dryness also in menopause age, so some ladies feel that intercourse is easier and better when they are using extra lubricant.

Sex lubricants for female are comes in different types of forms, like some of the lube are in liquid form or some of these are in thick form like lubricant jelly. Generally thick forms of lubricants are made for anal sex purpose. Some of the lubricant gel forms also. Personal lubricants for ladies are generally available on the pharmacy stores and ladies can also buy these from online mode. Women also can use lubricant with the women-masturbator-toys.

Types of lubricant?

Types of lubricant?

There are lots different types of lubricant available for all users. So ladies will have to experiment with all type of lubricant to know that which lubricant is best for their skin, because some of the ladies have allergies from ingredients of lubricant. Ladies can buy sex lubricants on offline and online mode. Ladies can buy lube for men also. Some of the lubricants are-

Water based lubricant

Water based lubricant is vaginal moisturizer and lubricant.it is made for reduce the friction and the discomfort of intercourse. Water based lubricant contains PH balance it can prevent the irritation of the vagina. Water based lubricant absorb by the skin and evaporate. Most water based lubricant have tendency to dry out during the intercourse. Water based lubricant are compatible with all type of sex toys.

Silicone based lubricant

Silicone based lubricant are thick in form. It is not absorb by the skin because it’s thick texture. Most silicon based lubricant use as anal lube. It is last longer lubricant. It’s made with water resistance formula so ladies can use it in water places.

Oil based lubricant

Oil based lubricant work as moisturizing lubricant in vaginal skin of ladies but you cannot use lubricant oil with latex made condom it may breaks and destroy your condom during the use. Women can use it as foreplay sex lube.

If you want some fragrance and taste then you can use flavoured lube. Flavoured sex lubricant can help to enhance your sexual need or pleasure. Men also use the natural lube or homemade sex lube with male-toy. Women can try some of their kitchen ingredients for practical use of sex lubricant. Women can also use sex lotions.

Attention points while using the lubricant?

Attention points while using the lubricant?

Lubricant is good for reduce the friction but you have concentrate on application amount, or quantity. You have to first clean the toy and clean yourself. Next you have to choose a right type of lubricant with right type of sex toy like you going to use vagina-toy and breast-toy which is made with silicone that you cannot use the silicone based lubricant. Because if you use the silicone based lubricant with silicone made sex toy than your ex toy may damage soon. Always start with enough amount of lubricant not too much or not too less.

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