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What are the women masturbator sex toys and their types for more pleasure? Recommended sex toys and masturbators for women?

What is women masturbator toys?

What is women masturbator toys?

Women musturbators sex toys are made for gives you ultimate stimulation and pleasure when you are not with your partner and when you don’t have a partner. In the market not only the woman masturbator is available but male masturbator toys are also available such as fleshlight. Male toys is design in such a manner that only male partner can use it.

Different types of women masturbator sex toy made for different purpose. Women masturbator sex toys are comes in verity of shapes and size. So you can choose it according to your capacity or pleasure. It comes with vibrating effects and speed, some of those are rechargeable and USB re-chargeable.

Types of women masturbator toys?

Types of women masturbator toys?

There is wide range of vibrators available in market and online stores. Such as-


Dildo vibrators are generally comes in penis shape. It looks like realistic penis with contains vibrations. It is made with plastic, silicone, rubber and latex materials. Vibrating dildos can be used for individually and with your partner also. Vibrating dildo is used for vagina and anal penetration and it can be also used for oral sex.

Rabbit vibrator

Rabbit vibrator is rotating or vibrating vagina toy. So this sex product basically stimulates your vagina and clitoris part too, because rabbit vibrator attaching a clitoris vibrator to in the shape of rabbit ears. It’s normally made with rubber and jelly.


Massager is masturbation sex toys. Women can use those massagers externally and internally, they are spice up your sex life. All massager are comes with different kinds of vibrating speed some are comes with high vibrating speeds and some are with low vibrating speed. So if you are beginner then you can start with slow speed massagers. There are different types of massagers available such as- bullet vibrator, magic wand, clitoris stimulator or vibrator, finger vibrator masturbator or many others.

Clitoral vibrator

Clitoral vibrator is specially design for the clitoris stimulation. You can get the clitoral vibrator sex toys from online and offline. Women can use these toys as you use the nipple and breast toys, and anal toys. Magic wand- Indian magic wand is a vibrator sex toy and a body massager so you can use it as the genital massager also. Magic wand is basically an electric wand and it has multiple vibrating speeds. It has very strong vibrations. People can use it in clitoris and vulva part. Or you can use it as penis massager. Basically people can use it externally not internally. It’s not a vibrator for women, men and women both can use it.

Bullet vibrator

Bullet vibrator sex toy are comes in small in size and the shape is looks like bullet. These are also having strong vibration. These are comes in different types, shapes and sizes. So people can buy it according to their preference and pleasure. Bullet vibrators are only for women massage and masturbation. You cannot massage for man by this bullet vibrator.

Recommended women masturbator sex toys?

Recommended women masturbator sex toys?

There are different types of masturbator sex toys available for beginner women. You can purchase from two options- first is online mode and second is offline mode. So there are some masturbators for beginner women.

If you are beginner then you can start with the vibrators. Vibrators are stimulates you most because of its vibrations, so can start with bullet vibrator or rabbit vibrators. These are the simple and sleek in design. These are the beginner friendly sex toys. The bullet vibrator are comes in single powerful speed, it can help to intensify your orgasm. when we are talking about the rabbit vibrator then it is very versatile and multipurpose sex toy that specially designed to give you tickling pleasure from the inside out you.

Then you can use dildo also because some of the dildos are best for beginners. You can use the glass, metal vibrating dildo. It will definitely provide you the proper satisfaction. It comes in different types in shapes and size.

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